Can You Help Identify? February 3

Every once in a while we like to highlight some of the antiques posted at theDusty Old Thing Facebook page by owners who are asking for help in identification. Since we’re a part of social media we all are free to give our ideas. Some of our readers have special expertise. More of us just love antiques and the stories that go with them. Sometimes our community is really good at identifying an object. Sometimes we’re not. But we all can have fun, and we can point out resources for more research.

Here are some we’ve selected to feature tonight. The captions are in the owners own words. Can you help identify any of them?

from: Tracy Johanna Thaemar: “This is the sole surviving plate from a set that belonged to my great-great-great aunt Mary. It has no markings on it. Anyone out there know anything about this cute butterfly patterned dish?”

from: Anthony Stanley Van Jaarsveld: “Hi Guys,I wonder if anyone can help me with this figurine it called “the sailors return”,it belonged to my Great great Grandmother who had it as a little girl,she passed it down until my Grandmother gave it to me I can’t find any markings or hallmarks on it ,Anyone ?p.s it came from Cornwall but have no idea where it was made.”

from: Kathi Cleapor Barry: “Can anyone tell me anything about this lamp I was given by an elderly Aunt? It was originally an oil lamp that was converted in the 30’s”

from: Vera Parr Shotwell: “My maternal grandma’s “batter pitcher” (she was born in 1901). There are no markings on it whatsoever. Any thoughts?”

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Dusty a fun site for people who enjoy “old things” and “old stories”.

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