Can You Help Identify? February 18

One of the nice features of social media in the world of antiques and vintage is that we get to share information as well as interests. With all the community members we have at Dusty Old Thing, there’s just a wealth of shared knowledge and experience. And, we can have fun–even if our ideas are pure guesses!

So, readers, what are your ideas on these antiques and/or vintage items? Can you identify any of them?

from: Jolene Campbell: “Can someone help me out with this, I have looked every where for any information on this piece. It came from Czech. from My Grandfather who worked in the coal mines over there..Any Ideas on this or where I can find information?”

from Carol Boyd: “I’ve never seen anything like this or been sure just what this little stool was. My guess is that it is a gout stool.

So, readers, what do you think about Carol’s very interesting stool? Note that it is well made and sturdy. What was its use?

from: Carol Schumm Piper: “I love your web and Facebook pages! I’m looking for help identifying this cabinet I bought at a garage sale 3 years ago to use as bathroom storage. iI was told it was a child’s wardrobe because it had a clothes bar across the opening. It had several layers if paint, which I stripped (photo 1). During refinishing, I found where many pieces of trim were missing and the horizontal piece across the top had been replaced. The original must have been much more ornate, especially at the top. The carvings on the doors and drawers look to be hand-done. It appears that there may once have been a door at the opening, or possibly 2 more banks of drawers. Anyone have any ideas as to what this may have been?Thank you,Carol PiperMarcellus, NY”

from: Misty West: “I have this vintage highchair. Only marking I can find is what looks to be the name “bebe lux”. It converts from a highchair, to rocker, potty chair, and walker. Would really like to find some info on it. Year it was made, maker, etc. Thanks”

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