Can You Help Identify? December 30

Every once in a while at Dusty Old Thing we like to feature antiques, or vintage items, from owners who have requested more information. Since we’re a part of social media, everyone is free to offer information…or to make guesses. Our community members include many with long years of experience with antiques and many with absolutely none. Some like to research to solve puzzles, others like to make stabs in the dark. Whatever we do, we do it in a spirit of easy fun and a quest for knowledge to know more about the days gone by.

So, readers, what can you say about these:

from: Terri Teigen-Hansen: “Anyone know anything about this cameo? I was on my wall for years before I realized she was looking at an airplane and not a bird. She also has short hair with a ribbon tied around her head like they did in the 20’s….”

Terri’s cameo is lovely and unusual. So, readers, who possibly is the young lady and what plane might that have been?

from: Judy Throgmorton Haynes: “Anyone have any idea what kind of cabinet this might be?”

We love Judy’s cabinet. Readers, is this a simple, office form of Arts and Crafts? How might it have been used?

from: Red Rooster Vintage: “I have a lamp with the 3 Arabian horse heads…”Pharoahs Horses” by J F Herring Sr painted on it….it did not have the lamp shade with it so I bought a white one…I have always wondered what the shade looked like, maybe it had the horses heads on it also? Has anybody ever seen one like this? Any information would be appreciated :)”

from: Susan Hartman Barr: “Does anyone know the period of this gorgeous curio?”

We’d like to thank Susan for posting this cabinet. Our question is whether it’s possible that the top came from a desk or cupboard, but was later “married” to the cabriole legs. Readers, what do you think?

Thanks to everyone who shares their love of antiques and the quest for knowledge that goes with them.

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