Can You Help Identify? December 17

Every once in a while we like to feature some of the antiques, posted by our readers in their quest to find more information about the object. Since we’re part of social media, we can help each other out. Whether you are an expert appraiser or a complete novice to the world of antiques and vintage, your ideas are welcome. It’s all done, too, for enjoyment as well as learning. It’s fun to help find what may be part of a lost story.

Here are today’s:

from Asa Brown: “I inherited this old painting from family. It was given to my Mother by a very famous movie star’s personal assistant in the 1940s. I would love to know who this man is and more about the painting. It is not signed that I can see. I have sent photos round and it is called a Sitter, most likely from the East.”

So readers, our community is, so far, doing a pretty good job in identifying famous people in old oils. So, we have to ask, who is he? What is the probable date of the painting based on his clothing and hair style?

from: James E Ward: “Bought this at an estate sale and trying to find out some more about it. The only marks I can find is Harbell on the light sockets. The pull chains, which their are two, have little acorns at the end. The flower looks like a Black-eyed Susan. I was told it was purchased in New York around the teens or twenties. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

Dusty Old Thing is getting to really like lamps like James…those simple metal bases with the curved lines pointing upward to a fanciful shade. This is the question: how can you identify a base when it is not marked? (We just bought a Bradley and Hubbard, but it was marked…such nice metal work…probable same period as James’ lamp.)

from: Patty Haxton Anderson: “I have one piece of Roseville Pottery from my mother’s collection. I’ve look and searched for a similar one. On the bottom in raised letters it says USA Roseville and what appears to be a number 130-8. Questioning the number. My main question is, is this a rare piece and what would the value be? Can anyone help.”

Since we don’t typically get into financial value at Dusty Old Thing, we do have readers who are knowledgeable in the patterns and dates of Roseville. So readers, can you identify this pattern and the date range in which it could have been made? What are the best resources online for people who want to learn more about Roseville?

from: Chris Edy: “Can Dusty old things tell me how old this is or any information It looks like a wood frame painted and the figures are raised Porcelain Judging it looks about 40s or 50s ? It was found in a house in the strangest place ever The house was on fire and destroyed”

Chris added that this was found inside of a wall of a house where there had been a fire. Let’s say that again: It was inside the wall. So, while we tend to think this is not that old (there does look like indoor plumbing in the scene), how old is it? Does anyone have knowledge about a possible maker? And how, can we guess, did it get inside the wall?

Thanks to everyone who has shared their enjoyment of antiques, of vintage, and all the stories that go with them. Sometimes we just have to find the stories that have been lost.

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