Can You Help Identify? April 23

Every once in a while we like to feature antiques, or things vintage, that have been posted by our readers who are seeking more information about them. Here are some for this morning. If you can help date an object or have any insight into how it was used or it’s maker or its role in our material culture, just leave a comment. We are a virtual community and share knowledge and experience…and guesses. Besides, it’s fun.

from: Donna Cooper Black: “Any idea what this is or info about it-at least 150 years old, beaded picture with a frame with wood on back! Any info would be great!”

from: James McIsaac: “Does anyone know anything about this hat it belong to gr gr grandfather an he died in 1918 not even sure the age”

from: Jane Mansfield Dreyling: “An old lamp from my husbands family. WOW stands for Woodmen of the World. It was made to hold a coal oil lamp inside. It is three sided. Any info will be welcomed.”

from: Jolis Halvorsen: “It is my good find.. but no idea who is an artist.Any information would be helpful.Thank you.”

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