I Can’t Decide Which Of These 9 Cameo Pieces Is My Favorite

There’s something so artistic about Cameo jewelry…see for yourself!

We’ve recently received some beautiful photos of Cameo jewelry from some of our readers, and boy has it inspired us; So we thought we’d share some of our favorites with you! If you missed it, check out this post on Cameo jewelry, and scroll down to see some beautiful pieces up close!

from: DebbieBrad Hassell: “Cameo my sister got from our great great Aunt beautifulDebbie”
from: Clarice Taylor: “My latest find. A vintage carved cameo shell….”
from: DebbieBrad Hassell: “A cameo from my great great Aunt love it Debbie”
from: Ruth Edwards: “this cameo was given to me by a friend I cared for his wife who had a brain tumor after her death he wanted me to have it1956 it belonged to her grandmother in Europe she kept it with her in a prisioner of war camp during world war 2 I have taken it to my jeweler for appraisal was told it is priceless to take it home and put a glass dome over it anyone know anything about it thank you”
from: Dona Johnson: “I believe I picked up a real bargain when I purchased this antique gold and cameo brooch from a local antique shop for a £5.00! “
from: Sarah Nyburg: “I saw your facebook post on cameos and wanted to share mine. I don’t know if its old or not but I think it’s pretty. It was given to me for my birthday but I have no other information on it.”
from: Carol Westfall Barnes: “Here are 3 of my cameos. The large one with the diamond in the middle was found in 1928 by my mother when she was about 3 years old. All the girls in our family now wear them on their wedding dresses. The ring was a custom made ring in 1970 by a family jeweler .”
from: Vicki Lynn Geisler-Cleghorn: “This was my mom’s. She was born in 1919. I remember her wearing it to church when I was a kid (I’m 55). It’s mounted on wood, but the cameo is a type of plastic. The chain is a type of plastic, too. Does anyone know anything about cameos like these?”
from: Linda Delahaye: “Cameo Ring and broaches – Purchased in Italy – 1968 Trip”