Bonnets and Bunnies: April 12

Bonnets and Bunnies: April 12

Hello again from Dusty Old Thing. Just for fun, we’re continuing our series on vintage “Bonnets and Bunnies”, a look at Easter fashion from years past. One criteria for inclusion in the series is the presence of a bunny (toy, stuffed, or live). We are sometimes “counting” chocolate bunnies, too. Ok, sometimes we’ll let in a lamb or a chick. And we might be a bit loose on the definition of a bonnet. A hat “counts” as well as great hair bows. Our definition of “vintage” is at least 50 years old…which takes us to 1964. It’s just a fun look back…

Thanks to Jennifer, Midge, Sherry, Debbie, and Laurie for sharing these with us. We’ll be featuring more as the days progress…

from Jennifer Blevins-Hoban: “My 2x great grandma with real bunnies! Circa 1905.”

We’re not completely certain this is an Easter photo, but assume there are some hair ribbons and we love the two real bunnies! It is a darling photo!

from Midge Bentley: “Easter 1950. I am about 1 1/2 years old….wearing the bonnet because I had no hair!

fromSherry LaPier:This is me Easter Sunday 1950 holding my bunny. This was taken at my Grandmother Tubbs house in West Cummingtom MA.”

from: Debbie Nowers: “@1957 I’m the one in the bonnet, and the bunny is in the basket, chocolate bunny that is! I always got a chocolate bunny. We colored our eggs the day before, then found them hidden in the house Easter morning. Then we went to the mountains to roll them. Fun memories!”

from Laurie Gaboardi: “I believe that this was Easter 1958. The owner of the Danbury State Fair had a display set up every year in the downtown Danbury area with statues and some live animals.”

The Danbury Fair, in Connecticut, dates all the way back to 1821 and lasted for most years until 1974. In 1895 the fair was so large it employed over 1000 people, combining agricultural products with rides and entertainment. The fair, in its later days, was known for its large fiberglass sculptures including one of Paul Bunyon. We are assuming that this bunny is one of them! It’s a great photo and we’d like to thank Laurie for sharing it.