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The Bizarre and Surprising Favorite Foods of Historical Figures Throughout History

Frederick II of Prussia

The Prussian ruler reportedly loved candied violets and ate them as often as possible, though there is some evidence that in this case they may have been viewed as medicinal. While not a common ingredient today, once upon a time violets were also made into jelly.

Mark Twain

The renowned author loved oysters prepared in a variety of ways and considered them a great American food. His writings about his time in San Fransisco describe multiple meals per day comprised of oysters!

Harry Houdini

Houdini was known for his incredible stunts, but also for his appetite. Among many other “favorite” foods the Hungarian-American loved spätzle, a small dumpling or noodle common across Germany and Hungary.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

His symphonies changed the world, but he was a simple man in some ways, favoring the traditional Austrian meal of liver dumplings served with sauerkraut.

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