New makeup products are always hitting the shelves, while of some of our favorites disappear never to resurface. But, there are a few tried and true beauty products that have been around since our grandmothers’ time (or before) that still work just as well as they did 100 years ago! In fact, these beauty products have hardly changed since they were first used.

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Rosewater for Complexion

This beauty treatment has making a comeback in the U.S. However, women around the world have been using this ancient secret ingredient as a toner and perfume for centuries. And, if you’ve never tried it then trust that there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day.

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Coty Airspun Powder

Since being introduced in 1935 the incredibly fine powder has been a beauty staple for generations of women. They’ve kept the unique Art Deco powder puff design, but the paper box that was standard for decades has been replaced with a plastic container. Still, the look and feel of the powder is much as it was in our grandmothers’ era.

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Bobby Pins

The sizes, colors, and brands may change, but the basic design of the bobby pin is just as effective as it was when it debuted back in the 1920s to style the latest bobbed coiffures.

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