You Won’t Believe What This Man Found While Walking Along The Beach

Every once in a while, the ocean will surprise you with something totally unexpected and mind-blowing.

Giant Lego Man

Via BoingBoing

There are several reports of giant lego men washing up on shores all of the world – Netherlands, the Britan, America, Japan, as well as other places. The giant figures say, “No real than you are,” in capital letters on the shirt. It is thought to be the work of gurella artist, Ego Leonard. His name is assumed fake, as it can be rearanged to read, “A Lego Drone.”


Via Imgur

When this photo was taken, there were about a thousand snowballs scattered along the beach in Siberia. These snowballs are the result of a rare environmental process where small pieces of ice form and are rolled by wind and water to create giant snowballs. The locals (who are very familiar with all things ice and snow) say they’ve never seen anything like it before. Of course, another explanation would be that Poseidon and Aquaman had a snowball fight.

Rock Sushi

Via Imgur

This fossil may look like sushi, but it’s actually a cross section of a crinoid, or “sea lily.” These marine animals live in both shallow and deep waters, and as their name suggests, look a bit like lilies when they are all spread out.

Giant Driftwood

Via LiveScience

It’s not uncommon to find bits of driftwood on the beach, but have you ever found a drift… tree? This monster of a tree was found on La Push beach, in Washington. The woman standing in the photo is 6 feet tall, and as you can see, the tree is much, much larger than her.

A Bomb

Via NBC Miami

Imagine going on a nice, leisurly walk along the beach, and then finding a suspicious cylinder. After calling it in, you discover it is a bomb. Not to fear, it turns out the cylinder bomb was a training mine from the U.S. Navy base.