Be Careful, You May Lose Track Of Time Looking At These Gorgeous Clocks!

Be Careful, You May Lose Track Of Time Looking At These Gorgeous Clocks!

We love going through the photo archives and seeing all of the beautiful items submitted by our readers. Lately, we’ve noticed that more and more beautiful clocks were catching our eye. That’s why we decided to gather a few of our favorites to share with you. It seems as time ticks by, these clocks only get more stunning! So take a look at the following photos, and let us know if you own a vintage or antique clock. We’d love to add your photo to our collection!

from: Joseph Charles Rice: “Circa 1870s Victorian Brass Mantle Clock. Made by the Ansonia Clock Co. Purchased from a dusty curio shop last year.”

from: Andrej Hallder: “This is one of my many antique french clocks , this is an onyx 1920 with pair of candelabra”

from: Stacey Myers: “Here is a beautiful French clock, also known as a Death Clock. It’s from the late 1800’s.”

from: Shelley M Johnston: “I sure like the look of this little art noveau clock it does not work but it brings me pleasure as I image whose eyes gazed at it “

from: Lois Born: “Love this heavy, brass clock. 10″ tall by 9″ wide. Porcelain face. No ID marks. Can anyone help me learn more about it?”

from: Ann M Moore: “My great aunt’s mantel clock”

from: Gordon Whittington: “I know it’s old, and the clock doesn’t work. But beyond there, I’m clueless. Likely belonged to one of my grandmothers. Anyone familiar with the style or history of such clocks?”

from: Ronald Fochett: “My Favorite Clock Japy Freres Circa 1890. We believe it was commissioned. Note the Three Dimensional Figures in Bronze Left and Right of the Movement. Japy Freres employed bronziers on staff to do this amazing work. Awesome Detail”

from: Rudolf P Vorster: “Dear Reader, The following is how i got the clock Small history of the clock. The clock turned up in South Africa in 2014 when i stumbled across it as for sale. Mr . Benjamin Hitachowitz offered it for sale through an antique dealer from Meyerton. I bought the clock and started the quest for history on it. Grandfather Benjamin David Hitachowitz a connoisseur collector of objects Merrited Orientala Russiana Antique Silver and Rare Coins., Fine Art, Indian, Asian and Turkish ojects d’Art History. Travelled to Europe India and Turkey where he purchased the Ormolu Time Piece Clock in Ankara Turkey in 1948. He brought the Ormolu to S.A. as personal exhibit.I have done some research on the years of manufacture till it was bought. The movement was made by the clockmaker Pons in the year 1823. Also the year in which a silver medal were merited for outstanding craftsmanship. The movement was placed in an Ormolu unit made by to be believed the Medlevi Monks in Turkey. This is the only clock of its kind because no two clocks were made in those days. This clock is in a very good state fully functional and working order keeping time 100%.The following link do have the picture’s of the clock. The clock is as found. Then i contacted a Professor in Istanbul university showed him the pictures and this is his reply: Good news! With the help of the bigger images, it makes more sense now:- It is Turkish (in Arabic letters) and it says:”Bu icat, Cenab Zeki ve ?urekas?”which means,”This invention, Cenab Zeki and Co.”or “This Invention, Cenab Zeki and its partners/associates”- “Cenab Zeki” (pronounced “Jenab Zaky”) is the name of the company and I think also the name of its owner (Cenab means High Place and Zeki means Clever in Turkish, but it is a name so better to use it as it is)- And we find a link to this name/company:”BOSTANCIZADE HAFIZ MEHMET MAHDUMU MEHMET ZEK? VE ?‹REKASI”meaning”Son(or Grandson) of Mehmet Mahdumu, (Ottoman) Palace Guard(or City Watch), Hafiz(title of the person who has learned the Koran by heart) Mehmet Zeki and Co. (or partners/associates)”And their Company Registration Number was 15307/0 but the company no longer exists I hope these helps…Greetings, upon asking the value of the clock he sent me this message: You are most welcome Rudolf,We would say priceless as it is a historical piece, other than that we have no idea…The size of the clock is as follow:1. Total hight: 625mm2. Width: 242mm3. Side width: 140mm4. Bell : 55mm5. Back plate of movement: 70mm6. Pendulum : 70mm7. The weight 6.8kgThanking you for your time Regards Rudy+27 83 734 9065″

from: Diana Antony: “Has anyone seen a clock like this before? If so, can you give me some info on it?I have seen the gemstone globe clocks but they look a little different. This one has ridged columns.”

from: Paul-Sandy Linderman: “Ingraham clock. Has all different kind of sports around outside. Any ideas?”

from: Carol N Darren Smith: “This was my grandparent’s clock. It works great!. Can anyone tell me a little about it. Like the age etc.”

from: Loretta James: “I believe this covered wagon/clock was made in the early 50″s. Do you know anything about this clock?”

from: Judy Thorne: “Looking for information on my Great Grandparents clock. Abe Lincoln holding the Emancipation and the Constitution is on top of the clock. It sets on 4 turtles and is very detailed. The back says SE ROOT Bristol Conn. and the back of the porcelain clock face says Caesar Bros. 75 Nassau St NY. They received it as a wedding gift I believe. The key says Bristol. Any info would be appreciated. I have more pics.”