Their Vase Went Up For Auction, And A Bidding War Ensued!

It’s always fun to watch the reaction of an owner whose item is being bid on at an auction; especially if the item ends up in a bidding war! In the following clip from Bargain Hunt, a small vase created by Harry Davis of Royal Worcester heads to auction. Purchased for 170 pounds (about 263 dollars) and given an estimated valued of 200-300 pounds (around 465 dollars), the item actually goes on to make a record profit at auction! If you’ve never seen the show Bargain Hunt before, we can’t recommend it enough. Amateur collectors get one hour at an  antiques fair to find and item for 300 pounds or less, and whichever item makes the most profit is the winner. How fun does that sound? Anyways, check out the following clip to see the auction, and the owners’ reactions as the price climbs higher!

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