No One Knows You Like You Do- More People Are Opting to Write Their Own Obituaries

At a very special class, seniors learn how to self-author their own obits!

How many of us have hidden talents our families know little about? How many of our grandchildren understand what we were like when we were young? It’s a rarity that the generations can come together in a way that allows the past to shine through into the present with any kind of true clarity. But, for one special group of retirees, they hope to impart to their loved ones a sense of who they really were. And, if you want a job done right sometimes you just have to do it yourself. A growing number of seniors are opting to write their own obituaries and for very good reasons.

For those who have led a colorful life or who want their loved ones to understand them better after they are gone, writing their own obituaries holds a special significance. They can put into words their own life experiences in a way that even the most devoted relative might not be able to do. At a class in obituary-writing taught by Tom Vartebedian, students are encouraged to express themselves in the present for the benefit of those in the future and not leave the last description of their lives to chance. Have a look in the video below. And, be sure to check out life advice from 100-year-olds right here.