In West Ipswich, Australia, a suburb of Queensland, a unique home was recently found. One family had lived there for 5 generations, but the house had sat empty and locked for decade. Once inside, what they found was a stunning array of objects from a century ago: the home hadn’t been updated much in 100 years.

The finds included an old fashioned ice box, a ringer for laundry, Art Deco furniture, and a wooden commode/chamber pot that were in used in the not-so-distant past. Thought the home needed lots of repairs the final verdict was not to tear it down, but instead to restore the home before selling it. The Williams Street house project is headed by Apprenticeships Queensland and gives teens the chance to learn professional tradesman skills which they are putting to good work on this house.

Have a look at this unique time capsule home in the video below.

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