August 9 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Rita Toledo: “Just started making beaded jewelry n asked friends n family if they can give me their old pill bottles do I can store some seed beads. Dad found these old glass pill bottles.”

from: Dannie Isaacs: “Can somebody “PLEASE” tell me what this is?! I picked it up at at an antiques estate sale and they did not even have a clue.”

from: B.j. Erwin: “Can anyone help me identify this old rocking chair? It belonged to an aunt, and it still in great shape, although we don’t let many sit on it. It has a contoured seat.”

from: Bridget Borchert: “My new old jug. I think it’s pretty cool. A gift from my husband. The body is covered with thin bent wood that has a few splits. The stopper, I believe, is carved wood. The band around the bottom is in pretty bad shape and has newer screws holding what’s left of it in place. There is sticky dark colored residue inside and on the stopper. About 20″ tall with the stopper in place. I know nothing about it except I love it! 🙂 Any ideas as to the age or what it was used for?”

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