August 6 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Anita Mummert: “I have a very small collection of Hull Pottery and I simply love the Bow-Tie pattern .”

from: Jessica Kulak: “I found two of these pretty little teacups in a box my husband purchased at an estate sale auction several years ago. They are marked Salisbury and appear to have the number 1616. Would love to know the pattern name and approximate date of manufacture.Internet searches so far have turned up nothing. Thanks! “

from: Christina Olson Sanchez: “Can anyone help me identify what this sun lavender 2-part glass item is? I think it’s too shallow to be a vase. And due to the fact that it unscrews, I’m leaning toward the possibility of a candlestick holder that could be used “as is” or carried from room-to-room (or outhouse) and inserted into a wall sconce when unscrewed from the base.”

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