August 5 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Becky Smith: “This is my Foley & Williams Automatic sewing machine. I found this at an estate sale here in Las Vegas, Nevada. This sewing machine was F&W’s best selling model circa 1900. It’s in great shape for its age. I also have the original crate it came in.”

from: Karalea Hirneisen: “Recent auction finds. A reproduction of a Victorian posy holder and a few doilies. The beaded collar is made in Japan, the beads are not real pearls but for $2.50 I couldn’t resist buying it. Any guesses on date for the collar? I’m thinking 1950’s or before..just not sure how far back the “before” is. Lol!”

from: Jack Gish: “Thought someone would enjoy seeing these dusty old things.”

from: Jane Taylor Freeman: “This is a pump organ that my great aunt owned. Bought in the early1900s from Alexander Bros. & Co, in Greenville SC. I rescued it from my uncle’s barn in the mid 70s and my mother had it restored and refinished for me. I absolutely love it. I use it to display old family photographs.”

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