August 28 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Barb DeGennaro: “This belonged to my oldest brother. Would love to know more about it or how to restore it, It was red From what I was told. It got rusty in our old garage. “

from: Carol Fairlie: “Can someone identify this implement? Discs are stationary and do not rotate. “

from: Shelley Holly Moyher: “Just picked this up from my parents house. It was in the garage for years. It belonged to my Maternal Grandmother. My Grandfather bought it for her before they got married (1920?) the legs are not original but, it’s OK. The best part is that inside my grandmother wrote the names & dates her 6 kids were born & my mother added me & my brothers. I guess it’s up to me to add my 2 daughters. I’ll post a pic of her writing inside. (hubby already cleaned it up but, it needs more)”

from: Donna Zeigler Taylor: “can anyone tell me about this carnival glass bowl”

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