August 27 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Lisa Smith Martin: “I bought this at a thrifty store. There’s no mark that I can see on the bottom of it. I think it might be a paperweight. I googled it but found nothing like it. Has anyone seen one of these before?”

from: Carol Boyd Falk: “Yard sale find. Unable to find out much about it. 14″ tall by 12” wide. Stamp on back says Corona Stoneware with a crown above it. “

from: Frankie Snyder: “1940 revere 8 mm projector never used looks like I bought it on Saturday. in 1940. like to get rid of it if anyone is interested”

from: Nancy Atwood Frasier: “Can anyone tell me about this lamp I inherited? It is painted on the outside of the shade and I can’t find any markings.”

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