August 19 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: RonaldandPam Moore McKenzie: “An oak library table with date written on the inside drawer of 1917 with pencil. Can anyone give me any information on this table or where I can find any information.”

from: Cindy Burns: “This is my collection of Glass. About a third of the pieces were passed down from my grandmother to my mother then to me. I have been adding to them with glass from the same time frame. I was pleased to see a variation of my hutch on a Dusty Old Thing post this past week. The hutch came from a coworker in the 80’s. I was looking for a bookcase for my apartment and he said he had a something with shelving. 30 years later and here it still is.”

from: Tom Bingham: “My Grandfathers Manure spreader I used as a young man.”

from: Susie Gardner: “Grandma’s old bowls along with grandpa’s old beer cans we found in the foundation of the house. Must have been a fun build 🙂 Storz 1953”

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