Around The World In 80 Days: A Closer Look At Antique Globes

Looking through our archives we just thought we’d draw your attention to some of these beautiful globes that have been passed down and inherited and sought after for so many years!

from: Alecia Conley: “I haven’t been able to find out anything about this globe. Anyone know anything about this?”

The detail in this one is incredible…look at those zodiac signs!

from: Dave Goodwin: “Can anyone tell me any information about this globe? ….. says made in Italy on the bottom “

from: Curtis R. Hickman: “Floor globe from the 1920’s”

from: Alecia Conley: “This is from the globe that I posted yesterday. I think the first word is Tassa. Anyone have an idea as to what this says?”

We absolutely love these! What do you think?

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