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5 Of The Coolest Antiques Of the Silver Screen To Come Up For Auction

3) Priceless Martin Guitar from The Hateful Eight

19th Century Martin Guitar

Via/ Flickr

On loan from the Martin Guitar Museum, the priceless 6-string guitar was used on set of The Hateful Eight. Less expensive copies were at hand to use in the scenes, but in one particular scene, Kurt Russell had hold of the real guitar. In the infamous scene, Russell smashes the rare guitar into bits. Film crew members said later that the plan had been to change out for a copy right before the destructive scene, but that was not relayed to Russell in time to avoid the damage. The pieces of the guitar were sent back to the museum, but they were not able to repair it. The museum says they will no longer loan out items for film sets. An older Martin guitar of similar style can be seen in the image above.

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