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Antique Postcards: Cheap, Collectable, And (Potentially) Valuable!

When it comes to starting a collection of any kind, the main driving force should not be value; it should be love! Of course, it doesn’t hurt when something you love happens to be valuable too, but the important thing is to have fun with your collection and to be proud of it. A popular collectible that has recently caught our eye is antique postcards! These are great to collect for a number of reasons: they’re relatively cheap, unique (many of them have been used, so there will be vintage postage and maybe even an old, hand-written note), and there are so many to choose from! Also, some of them can be quite valuable, if you know what to look for! Get the scoop on collecting antique/vintage postcards in the following clip from Dylan’s Vintage Minute, and let us know if you collect them!

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