Dusty Old Thing: Veteran’s Day Antiques

Dusty Old Thing: Veteran’s Day Antiques

You all have been sharing some great Veteran’s Day-themed items over the past few days, so we thought we’d take a minute to share a few of these great antiques. Scroll on down to see today’s collection…

military antique

from: Gail Sherwood Lopez: “I found this souvenir shoe at a yard sale a few years back. 7 in. long. Let us remember all veterans.”
antique photo

from: Tim Beard: “Happy 238th Birthday to all my U.S. Marine Corps brothers and sisters!…Semper Fi!”
military letter antique

from: Hugh Jones: “If you think you recognize the letterhead art there is a reason its from the Disney Studio. This is from a Richard L Stouffer, CQM, USN USS Jason C.P.O. Quarters July 28 1944. The letter explains the letter head “How do you like our fancy pants stationary? Disney drew it for the ship for the sum of 1 dollar and other considerations. Pretty good for a big concern like his. But then I think that most of the big companies are doing a little for the morale of the service men.” They letter was written to his mother and father in Michigan.”
wwii antique

from: Hugh Jones: “In honor of Veterans day I thought I would share some cool military items Ive picked up. This little piece of wood has the following written on it: German airplane wing fell in my sight on Oct 9 1918, It was found in the envelope pictured under it which post marked by the U.S. Army Postal service Oct 19 1918 and has a censors stamp and appears to be from a Corporal (?) E.S. Pettis (?) (next line unreadable) American E.F. (Expeditionary force) to his wife in Chicago Ill. .”