Researchers Discover Massive Ancient Roman Mosaic In London

Experts believe the mosaics were part of a dining area, known as a triclinium.

It’s amazing how much of the Roman Empire has survived down until our day. They are constantly unearthing pieces of history that continue to teach us more and more about that time in history.

Some of those finds take place in the United Kingdom, and recently, archaeologists managed to dig up something that really turned heads. They often find Roman mosaics but they haven’t found one this large in more than 50 years while digging in the area of London.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The elaborate mosaic was found by the Museum of London Archaeology while a construction project was taking place in Southwark.

As they shared on Facebook, excavations were taking place as part of the construction process when they discovered two mosaic panels. It is thought that the mosaics were part of a dining area, known as a triclinium.

During that time in history, many people would recline on lounges while they were eating. Likely, the mosaic was in an area where chaise lounges were kept and people could be entertained and enjoy their food while appreciating such beauty underneath them.

As far as the age of the mosaic is concerned, experts feel that it may be as early as the second century A.D. There were also other mosaics that were found underneath the one that was visible on top, showing that some refurbishment had taken place in the room over time.

Photo: flickr/Rafael Jiménez

Considering the area where the mosaic was found, the museum feels that a mansion was at one time in the area. It may have been operated by a government official and people may have stopped in the area while traveling to and from London.

I guess you never know what is under your feet and we are thankful that they take the time to look, so these little pieces of history are not lost for all time.