This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Zack Walkter.

Aluminum foil definitely deserves more attention than it has been getting and has some really amazing uses beyond the regular uses in the kitchen. From cleaning your silverware to achieving a stronger WiFi signal, foil has resourceful uses that you were probably never aware of! Find out some interesting aluminum foil hacks below.

1. Having static clothes with tons of clinging debris can be really irritating. Rubbing balled up aluminum foil can do away with the static for good.

2. Next time you need AA batteries, you don’t have to go searching around the house for them if you only have AAA batteries. Just grab a piece of aluminum foil and put it into the positive ends of the battery socket and your AAAs will be converted to AAs!

3. If you are running late for a meeting but absolutely must iron that suit to impress, save time by placing a piece of aluminum foil beneath the clothing and remove the creases from both sides at the same time.

4. Scissor blades become blunt after repeated use. Instead of throwing them away, cut into aluminum foil a few times. That should increase the lifespan of those scissors at least a bit.

5. Now this is probably going to be the attention grabber. Slow internet makes you want to pull your hair out and bang your head on the wall. But you can change that! Keep a rectangular piece of tin foil behind your router and see a real improvement in your internet speeds

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