All In The Name Of Beauty! A Look At Some Of Our Favorite, User-Submitted Vanity Items!

All In The Name Of Beauty! A Look At Some Of Our Favorite, User-Submitted Vanity Items!

Ah, the things we do for beauty! It’s nice to take a look back at the vanityitems of the past. Whether they’re perfume bottles, old shaving kits or the mirrors themselves, one thing’s for certain; they sure are beautiful! Check out some of our favorite, user-submitted beauty items below, and if you got a kick out of that,check out this make up tutorial from 1936!

from: Shelley M Johnston: “vintage shaving kit”

from: Mary Shott Stegman: “my mother was posted in Cairo Egypt during WWII and has a lovely collection of ods and ends, here is one. It is a perfume container and still has the most amazing fragrance that she wore while there. The top screws off and has a wick.”

from: Lynne Mcguire: “Rhinestone jewelry and perfume bottles”

from: Lanelle Witt: “2 handheld mirrors . Think they are both bakelite”

from: Jeanne Marcantel: “Ballerina Perfume Bottle. Can you identify this?”

from: James McIsaac: “Selection of Mens vintage items. Shaving Mug ,Men’s Razors ,Pocket Knives Watch Fob , Tie Pins , Cufflinks ,Money Clip .. Just a few Vintage items for men “

from: Lisa Nigro: “Flea market find yesterday…Fenton Coin Dot pattern perfume bottles with Kings Crown Stoppers….bottles are in perfect condition, stoppers have some chipping to the bottoms….now I just need to find the matching powder jar and I’ll have the complete vanity set!”

from: Asa Brown: “Some wonderful old Shaving Mugs”

from: AnToni Curtis: “My vanity set from my great grandmother. I’m 4th generation owner now. “

from: Jennifer Parsons: “My boyfriend got me this perfume bottle a couple of years ago. The only thing we know about it is that it’s hand made pewter. We just got all the sapphires replaced. They were fake and only a few of the original were left. We have looked it up repeatedly and can’t find an exact match to get info on it. I’d appreciate some help pointing me in the right direction please! :)”

from: Cathy Skarloken-Domeier: “Found this interesting vanity set at an estate sale. I’d love to know more about it and approximate value?”

from: Bernard Waby: “A small bohemian perfume bottle”

from: : “Just purchased today! A 5 Piece Sterling Silver Dressing Table or Vanity set hallmarked London 1894. I love it! Sorry it’s not a better pic.”

from: Cheryl McCall: “This shaving station was built by my great uncle Clyde McCall in about 1920.”

from: Sharon A. Whitehead Smith: “My Dad passed away in July. Today Mom gave me the old mugs and brush Dad used to use to shave himself. The mug with the green stripe is a Shenango China Restaurant mug (1950s), the other one is a Victor Restaurant mug (late 1940s/1950s).”