Alice Finally Gives Him What For In This Fantastic Clip From The Honeymooners!

Alice had to put up with a lot from Ralph, but sometimes she gave him his just desserts. In this classic clip, Audrey Meadows gives a stunning performance in a high-energy monologue about the joys of cleaning up after Ralph. Have a look.

We all know and love the scenes where Jackie Gleason blows his top over nothing on The Honeymooners. But, what we love even more, is when Audrey Meadows takes him down a peg with her quick-talking logic. This is one of those epic scenes where Alice gives it to him straight in a barrage of verbal sarcasm to rival any of today’s comics! Scenes like this one are why this show, even though it only ran for one season, is one of the most classic shows to ever air on TV. Watch the video below and relive one of the best moments in television history.