Every once in a while our heads turn at an antique that seems to reflect a sense of sturdiness or resilience…that quality that says “I survive”, “I stand”, “I defy convention”. Sometimes they are the pieces we rescue, sometimes they’re the ones whose use we don’t know but know we have to discover. Sometimes they’re just a bit odd, but yet magnetic.

Here are a few, recently shared by members at Dusty Old Thing, that strike us as having those qualities…

from: Amy Banks: “We recently were given this hall tree. There is a label on the back that says Marsh Furniture Company, High Point, NC. Also on one of the hat racks is a 1908 patent mark. I Googled the company name and could not find anything about the company and of course could not find this piece. Does anyone know about this company? Thank you.”

Thanks, Amy, for sharing this wonderful Hall Tree! Readers, does anyone know about the Marsh Furniture Co in High Point?

from: Reclaim Dames: “I found this old grandfather clock by the side of the road and found out it’s a Gustav Becker and I’m guessing from around the 1920’s. I’m having a hard time finding another one online that looks like it. I’m restoring it back to its glory! It’s beautiful. Anyone have any ideas on the year or value?”

from: Donna McNeill Hudkins: “Hi all – we are cleaning out/renovating the old “family farmhouse” and brought this piece to our home. My husband says it’s a Hoosier. Used for baking etc. It looks like a buffett. It’s 43″ wide. Tiger Maple (even the handles are wood). Any input?”