A Closer Look – Stunning Mold-Blown Glassmaking!

A Closer Look - Stunning Mold-Blown Glassmaking!

Now we may have just crawled out from under a rock with this statement, but we didn’t realize how many different methods were used for blowing glass! Glassware can be free-blown, mold-blown, hand-cut or made by machines, but what we’re interested in today is the process of making mold-blown glass.

What happens is you take a piece or a “gather” of molten glass, place it in a mold (made usually of clay, wood or metal) and then you blow the glass so it expands into the mold. The pattern of the mold is then imprinted on the molten glass and whichever way you twist and contort the glass afterwards, the pattern remains.

We’re fascinated by the process and have a feeling you will be too…there’s just something intriguing about it that captures the eye – take a look!

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