A Bit of Vintage Romance

Spring sprung yesterday. Finally! When we were growing up the older folks used the word “sparking” to mean love or romance that was trying to get off the ground. “Courting” was more serious. Those madly in love were said to have “gone over fool’s hill” where no one could reach them with logic. They had been “bitten by the love bug”. Stories abounded about who-loved-whom even a hundred years before, whose heart had been broken, who had brief romances during wartime. There still is endless speculation about who handsome men or lovely ladies were in certain photographs.

It’s all a part of who we are…and a big part of what makes life so good. So, with Spring springing, we’d like to feature this morning some photographs of vintage romance. All were shared by our readers. We hope you enjoy them. We’re all still young enough to “spark” in the Spring.

from: Jill Menzie Clinesmith: “I love old photos, and love DUSTY OLD THING even more. This is an old photo of my parents Virgil and Jerry Menzie taken during WW II. It reminds me of the large UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER statue in the San Diego Harbor that was inspired by the famous WW II image of the victory kiss of a sailor kissing a nurse. Although not kissing but holding hands, parents indeed had an unconditional surrender and were married for 63 years.”

from Debra Wilson: “This is my mom kissing her beau (sadly not my father or it would be giant on my wall at home). I love this picture.”

This is a great photo obviously taken by a very good photographer. Notice the sandwich in his hand. It does have a bit of that “From Here to Eternity” feel, except with petal pushers.

from: Dawnita Sauer: “My Grandparents on a trip before they were married, I’m guessing the late 20’s?”

from: Marie Powell Hutchinson: “My parents on their honeymoon – 1939”

fromLaura Dion Thomas:This is a pic of my dad’s cousin after their wedding in the 20’s ! Don’t they look like a fun couple ?

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