A Bit of a Look at Days Gone By

A Bit of a Look at Days Gone By

Every once in a while we love to show some of the antique and vintage photos that have been shared with us by our readers. We especially like the ones that show a bit of what life was like so long ago. Here are a few we’ve selected. We hope you enjoy them and that they bring back stories, or maybe even memories, from your own family.

Our thanks go to Tom, Bernard, Marsha and Anita for sharing them with us all.

from: Anita Dingman: “A photo from Anita”

from: Bernard Waby: “The young lady was my Grandmother who eventually married the man in the aeroplane ,at the time of the photo she had consumption in those days you lived in an open fronted hut and she did for 18months on my uncles farm at Wincanton.”

Bernard had earlier posted a wonderful photo of his grandfather who flew a bi-plane in WWI, taking photographs behind enemy lines. He was a most handsome and daring looking gentleman.

from: Marsha Glickler Sereno: “”By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea” were the lyrics to a song popular in the early 1900’s. My husband’s grandmother Sophie Fistel(center) is shown in swimwear of the time. I can’t identify the two ladies with her. This photo was probably taken in a studio in Coney Island.”

from Tom Bingham.

We’re going to let our readers figure out what she’s doing.