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A Bit More to Celebrate the Day

from: Carnival Glass from Europe: “?????????? HAPPY JULY 4th USA ?????????????? Here’s a piece of Carnival named just for you ?????????????????? AMERIKA ??????????????made in Sweden by Eda Glasbruk, and given the name in their catalogues “Amerika”. It is also known today as “Sunk Daisy””

We’d like to thank our friends, the Thistlewoods from England, for sharing with us all this magnificent Swedish example of fine Carnival Glass. Their page atCarnival Glass from Europe offers lots of vital information for collectors and for people just wanting to learn more about this iridescent glass.

from: Jeannette Burns: “Happy July 4 Plate is from the 70s But all around I Have Pieces of Everything! Enjoy Your 4 th…”

from: Lynda Paz y Mino: “My grandmother, Victoria (Berent) Frankenberg. Taken July 4, 1918”

Not Much Has Changed Over the Past Century for the Amish: Click “Next Page” below!

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