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9 Nifty Vintage TVs We Wish Had Today

TVs in Interesting Shapes

The TVs of the past came with differently shaped screens and cabinets in attempt to cater to nearly every design sense. The wildest of these TVs look like something from a sci-fi book, except that these sets were quite real.

Via/ Flickr

One of the first portable TVs from Motorola dates all the way back to 1949 and has a cute little round screen.

The Kuba Komet (1960) was a German model of TV with fantastic triangular cabinet, built-in radio, record player, 8 speakers, and many other optional features for a hefty price tag. The estimated cost for this cabinet was around $1,260 back then, which would be more than $10,000 in today’s money! This giant set would look amazing in a modern living room. Who cares that the screen is so small?

Via/ Ebay

The round screen on this 1950 Zenith Tyler is so attractive that we don’t even care how little the picture would be. We’ll just sit closer to the television!

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