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9 Facts About Emily Post (and Her Etiquette) That Will Surprise You!

5) Beloved Radio Star

Post had a long running radio program- 8 years! President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously remarked that his Fireside Chats were going well when someone said his radio program was as good as Emily Post’s!

9 Facts About Emily Post That Will Surprise You

1937 CBS Radio publicity photo of Post. Via/ Library of Congress

4) She Was Often Referenced

Once at Tiffany’s an unknowing clerk pulled out a copy of her book in order to help her review engraving patterns for wedding invitations.

3) The Lines Are Now Open, callers

Post published her phone number in the NYC phonebook under the name Mrs. Price Post and graciously answered phone calls from strangers asking etiquette advice even late into her life. Now that is etiquette!

2) Family Business

Post’s children and grandchildren have contributed to running her institute and editing recent editions of her book. Wedding planning and etiquette are some of the biggest topics that they offer advice on these days.

1) Sign of the Times

In its 18th edition, Etiquette now includes a section on email and internet etiquette (netiquette). Surely manners can’t be entirely dead if this book is still in print.

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