In English, we often use a lot of words to make our point, giving us the freedom to customize concepts in nearly infinite ways. But, we’ve recently come across some non-English words which seem to fit a whole paragraph into just one term. Have a look at 8 of the most succinct (and poetic) words from other languages.

8) Saudade

The Portuguese word saudade recounts the longing and nostalgia that arose when thinking of a past time or a person long gone. But, this word goes one step further because the term implies that the person or time is likely never to return to you again.

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7) Hygge

Cozy is the closest translation of this Danish/ Swedish word. But, hygge actually describes the feeling of contentmentwhich one derives from their comfortable surroundings. Content and cozy sounds darn good to us! The term can also be used to describe taking pleasure in small moments, like over a snack or cup of coffee.

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6) Kilig

In the Tagolog language of the Phillipines the term kilig refers to having butterflies in your stomach over a romantic encounter. But, the complicated term can also mean the person having the feeling or the person/ event which caused the feeling itself.

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5) Ya’aburnee

This word is an Arabic term which has a heartbreaking meaning. Ya’aburnee expresses the hope that you will die before your loved one so that you never have to live without them. Of course, then this means that they’d have to live without you, so it’s not a selfless sentiment, but one that implies just how much you would miss them.

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