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12 Happy Meal Toys That Are Actually Worth Money Now

10. Fry Kids

It’s unclear whether these “kids” are supposed to be made out of fries, or if they just really love eating fries. Either way it’s hard to argue that they are pretty cute. The Fry Kids came with fun accessories like headphones, cat ears, a baby bonnet and bottle, and one even had a cassette player, indicitive of the year they were featured: 1989. You can find collections of these Fry Kids online for $11.99.

9. Muppets Babies

Who doesn’t love the Muppets? Or, maybe you’re like me and they scare you a little bit. No matter your personal feelings about the Muppets, they were an unquestionable hit in the 80s. McDonald’s featured the Muppets Babies several times, but this 1986 edition had the figures on wheeled vehicles that were detatchable. It was two toys in one! Clearly, other people really loved the Muppets, because you can find the figureines on ebay for $25!
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