We Need To Bring Back These 8 Forgotten Pie Recipes!

It’s time to dust off the old family recipe book and take a look at these delicious pies throughout the decades! A lot of these innovative recipes came out of the depression era when families had to make due with what they had, and the result was surprisingly delicious! This list includes savory pies as well. Nothing says comfort food like a classic cottage pie! Go ahead and take a stroll down memory lane with these 8 retro recipes!

Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie

This pie has the silken filling and whipped topping we crave, and the chocolate cookie crust is out of this world. Plus, it all comes together in about 20 minutes. When we need a chocolate pie fix, this is a great go-to solution. We know your whole family will fall in love with this delicious treat. Get the easy recipe here!

Sugar Cream Pie

If you’re looking for something indulgent, without being over the top, this is the perfect dessert. It’s a departure from the norm, all the while being as close to comfort food as it gets. You can’t go wrong! Get our classic recipe here!

5 Ingredient Banana Pudding Pie

Our 5 ingredient old-fashioned banana pudding is a great shortcut to delicious dessert in a pinch. A few store-bought ingredients help bring this dessert to life, but we can’t resist a little added flare at the end to make this taste even better. What’s not to love about a simple, comforting dessert that everyone will enjoy?! Get the simpe recipe here!

Lemon Coconut Impossible Pie

You might know it as something different, but this pie is basically magic, in that you make only one batter, but as it cooks it separates into two distinct layers: a filling that’s like a delectable lemon custard and a coconut top crust that’s crispy and offers the perfect contrast to the filling. This dessert is ridiculously easy (plus, clean-up’s a breeze!) and we promise your whole family will love it. Get the impossibly easy recipe here!

Mock Pecan Pie

This Mock Pecan Pie is among a group of pies known as desperation pies or “make-do” pies. These types of pies were common during the Great Depression but date back even further. They’ve been popular throughout our country’s history and show that the gumption and creativity of the American spirit has been around for decades and decades. Get the traditional recipe here!

Cheddar Sweet Corn Pie

Sometimes you just can’t beat the wholesome comfort of a warm, savory dinner pie. And it’s nearly impossible to beat the singular natural flavor of sweet yellow corn. That’s why we’ve taken those components and joined them in this irresistible Cheddar Sweet Corn Pie. Get this delicious recipe here!

Classic Cottage Pie

We really enjoy our “updated”€ version of cottage pie, a super hearty meat-and-potato dish that is the definition of comfort food. Cottage pie is a rustic dish that doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious. The ingredients are simple, but with a few herbs and twists on conventional ingredients, it’s easy to make something humble taste extra special. This is a Sunday, sit down, slow down dinner with family before a new, crazy week begins. Get this family friendly recipe here!

Vinegar Pie

Vinegar pie is a recipe growing in popularity with other Depression-era baking recipes. We love the idea of using what you have in the pantry to whip up something wonderful, and when there isn’t much in the pantry, then a little imagination and creativity help to fill in the gaps. A sweet and slightly crunchy top blankets a creamy filling and the subtle sweetness of the apple cider vinegar really adds dynamic flavor. Get our version of this classic here!

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