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These 8 Disturbing Things Were Considered Normal in the Victorian Era

6) Forced Child Emigration

Along with the workhouses, another method of dealing with unwanted children and bothersome street urchins was to ship them away. Forced emigration to some British colonies was practiced from 1869 until 1970 and children were often treated very badly once they got there.


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Many of the children were born to unwed mothers, some were orphans. The idea was that the British government would kill 2 birds with one stone: populate the colonies with “good white stock” and make room in their domestic orphanages.

The results of this abhorrent program was the forced labor and abuse of thousands of children, not to mention the separation from their families and homeland. To the average Victorian, however, this program was viewed as a perfectly acceptable and ethical way to deal with children whose parents might not have been able to care for them.

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