8 Classic Hairstyles We Wish Would Comeback

We can’t get enough of these elegant hairstyles!

Whether you love a good bit of volume, a nice ponytail, or a curly head of hair, there are so many vintage styles that are adorable. In a more reserved application of some of these styles, the looks can totally be modern. But, we also love the full-on looks that a really dedicated vintage hairstyle can create. Here are 8 vintage hairstyles that we really wish would make comebacks!

Via/ Internet Archive

8) The Classic Beehive

There are many ways to style this classic look, but the original beehive, created in 1960 by Margaret Vinci Heldt, was quite a bit smaller than the great big coiffures that also bear the name. This just goes to show that you can style this one at pretty much any size – it doesn’t have to be huge.

Via/ Flickr

But of course, you can absolutely go big on the beehive. It’s part of the history of the look. Get the look with this tutorial.

Via/ Flickr

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