5) Japanese Macaques Make Snowballs

The macaques that live in Japan no doubt have some interesting times. They soak in the hot springs, prank tourists, and het snacks from vending machines. So it should be no surprise that they make snowballs. Something tells us they probably have some epic snowball fights!

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6) Sea Otters Store Tools

Sea otters use pebbles to crack open crab legs and mussel, among many other hard-to-open foods. What’s also interesting is that a sea otter has pouches that they can store a favored pebble in for late use. Some people online have been referring to them as pockets.

Some scientists speculate that pebbles are often simply discarded after each use, while others suggest that each stone might get at least a few uses if tucked away in an otter’s pouch.

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7) Penguins Sneeze to Expel Salt

All the saltwater they take in while swallowing fish has to be filtered and it is done so by a gland called the supraorbital gland behind their eyes. The result? Penguins sneeze to expel the saltwater from their bodies. Now we’re wondering if penguin sneezes are a scute as cat sneezes.

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8) Raccoons Love Soap

Raccoons, being dextrous and inquisitive, when they are kept as pets find all manner of things to play with. And they love soap! Some raccoons will hop in the sink and scrub their paws until the soap is gone while others only get soap as a special treat, spending an hour or more in the tub playing around.

Contrary to myths that raccoons need to wash things, they actually get their forepaws wet in order to feel items more vividly and will clasp their paws together or play with items when idle in order to take in more information about their surroundings.

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