If ever you needed a pick me up, leave it to animals to put a smile across your faces The things they can do nearly always surpass our expectations, and their cuteness warms the heart. You’ll see in these 8 amazing animal facts- just try to stay mad after reading about these funny and wonderful animals.

1) Horses Can Grow Mustaches

While there are old wives’ tales that horses with mustaches have been through some kind of trauma and the mustache is a result of that, the truth is that the determining factors in horse mustaches are breed and having the gene for mustaches. And this applies to lady horses as well!

Via/ Flickr

2) Cows Have Best Friends

Female adult cows in particular have partners that they prefer to be around all the time. When basic body stats were measure with and without their preferred special friend in the pen with them, the results showed the cows were calmer around their bestie. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has spent time around cows as they are extremely social creatures!

Via/ Flickr

3) Rats and Mice Are Ticklish

And they laugh when tickled! Or so scientists tell us. In this video we see how their brain waves change when they’re tickled, how they sound when they laugh bout it, and even a rat who comes back for more because it likes the sensation. Wow.

Via/ Flickr

4) Animals Have Accents

Goats, crows, and other animals have “accents”and use different sounds depending on where they grew up! We wonder what this guy sounds like to its friends.

Via/ Flickr

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