7 Summer Antique Shows to See

Looking to see some antiques in the beautiful summer weather? Itís the perfect time for traveling and visiting nearby cities that have shows and fairs in June, July, August, and September, and weíve selected a handful that you might want to check out if theyíre close.

If you donít see something on this list thatís nearby, fear not ñ there are tons and tons of local fairs, shows, markets, and festivals throughout the summer all over the country.

7 Summer Antique Shows to See

  1. Ventura Flea Market in Ventura, California (June 29, September 28)

    Walk through the palm tree-lined path of the Ventura County Fairgrounds to see more than 500 different vendors. Youíll find furniture, jewelry, and tons of other antiques, and there is food and drink available for purchase as well.

  2. Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts (July 8-13, September 2-7)

    The Brimfield Antique Show takes place at three times throughout the summer ñ and it estimates that 500,000 people visited its show in May. With that kind of crowd, the inventory must be good ñ not to mention that it has been going on since the 1950s. Perfect for casual and serious collectors, itís worth a trip to see this show.

  3. Portland Expo Antique & Collectible Show in Portland, Oregon (July 12-13)

    Prepare to see national and international items at this 1,800-booth show, where youíll typically find collectibles from the mid-1880s to the 1970s. Clothing, jewelry, advertising products, silverware, and furniture abound here.

  4. 127 Corridor from Michigan to Alabama (August 7-10)

    Dubbed the ìworldís longest yard sale,î the 127 Corridor Sale encourages people for a stretch of 690 miles along Highway 127 to hold yard sales in their front yards on the first weekend in August. Though not specific to antiques, there could be some hidden gems if youíd like to drive along for a stretch and see what people are selling.

  5. Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days in Oronoco, Minnesota (August 15-17)

    With more than 1,000 vendors each year, this event earns a lot of attention from antique collectors. Itís about 45 minutes away from the Twin Cities and has a variety of different collectibles, but thatís not the only unique thing about this show. It donates a portion of its profits to local community organizations, like first responders and the Boy Scouts.

  6. Baltimore Summer Antiques Show in Baltimore, Maryland (August 21-24)

    With nearly 600 exhibitors selling art, books, jewelry, dishes, and more, this eventis just one of the Palm Beach Show Groupís annual shows. The group hosts antiques shows in ten different cities, though only Baltimore and Chicago have theirs in the summertime.

  7. Sparks Kansas Antiques and CollectiblesFlea Market in Sparks, Kansas (August 28-31)

    With 500 vendors ñ about 450 of them selling antiques ñ and plenty of food vendors for when your stomach starts grumbling, this flea market is the perfect place to spend the day. Itís also close to other nearby markets, so you can make a weekend out of traveling from place to place looking for unique finds.

These arenít the only antique shows happening this summer, but they are some of the biggest in the US. If one of these is close, definitely think about checking it out and looking for some valuable items.

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