Antique Advice: 7 Online Auction Tips

There’s a wealth of valuable antiques to be found online, but dealing with sellers you’ve never met in person comes with a little hesitation.

Some pretty unusual items come up for auction. We’re often amazed to find out what they sold for. Some of these high-dollar items only sell so high because they have famous connections. Other items seem super ordinary to us. And, some never even sell for a variety of factors. Here are a few the craziest auction items we’ve seen lately. And, you’ll be surprised at what they fetched!

5) A Piece of Cake from the Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana

Via/ YouTube

It seems an odd thing to auction and is even odder when you consider that they were married in 1981 and the slice of cake sold in 2015 for $1,375. The alcohol content of the fruit cake is said to have kept it preserved in edible condition. Would you ever buy a 34 year old piece of cake? Watch the video to get a better look at the slice and hear one of the pre-auction estimates.

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