7 Bizarre Causes Of Death From Fashion To Facial Hair

These deaths are some of the most unusual we’ve ever heard of.

While deaths that occurred centuries ago are often subject to speculation, especially those of famous people and royalty, there is usually a good reason for it! Some of the most unusual deaths throughout history are much stranger than you would have ever imagined.

Death by Fashion

The famed and eccentric modern dancer, Isadora Duncan, was no stranger to suffering for her art and beauty. Born in San Francisco, the free spirit moved to Europe as an adult, showcasing her avant garde style of dance in Paris, Berlin, and Moscow. In 1927 at the age of 50, Duncan was riding in a car in Nice, France, when her extremely long scarf became entangled in the wheel of the vehicle she was riding in.

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Duncan’s neck was broken instantly as her body was pulled out of the convertible and onto the street. Sadly, the dancer had not only previously been injured in at least two car accidents, but both her children died when their nanny took the wheel and crashed a car in 1913.

Isadora Duncan with her husband, Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. Via/ Wiki Commons


Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden, is believed to have died from overeating in 1771. The notoriously ineffective ruler was said to have consumed a rich meal of caviar, lobster, and champagne, followed by 14 servings of his favorite almond-filled dessert pastry, semla.

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While you’d think that someone who overate might just simply vomit, there are rare instances when a previous ulcer can lead to a rupture of the stomach in cases of severe overconsumption. However, there are also theories that the king may have been poisoned. Whether he was poisoned or not, 14 servings of anything seems like a very bad idea.

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Kicking a Safe

The brewing legend, Jack Daniel, died from kicking his safe in frustration after he couldn’t remember the combination. It wasn’t as simple as a sudden attack, though. See, when he kicked the heavy metal box, he injured his foot.

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