7 Missing Treasures That Have Yet To Be Found

These unsolved mysteries concern the world’s rarest pieces of art and jewelry!

5) The Lake Toplitz Treasure

During the chaos of World War II, despite an agreement between France, Germany, and Italy on the preservation of artworks, Nazi commanders hoarded art. They did the same with counterfeit British currency and other treasures, some of which have been found in Lake Toplitz in Austria.

But, the real find (if the stories aren’t fictional) would be the last of the Nazi gold – rumored to have been thrown in the lake towards the end of the World War II. At least 7 people have died over the years diving for this loot in Lake Toplitz, where no diving is actually allowed. All in all Hitler claimed to have stashed about $50 billion worth of gold and art around Europe.

Picture taken from the western end of Lake Toplitz. Via/ Wiki Commons

4) Blackbeard’s Pirate Treasure

Blackbeard has been called one of the baddest pirates of all time. After he ran the Queen Anne’s Revenge aground near Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, Blackbeard was shot in those same waters. While his ship was found in the 1990s, his treasure has not been found yet, save for the ounce of gold dust among the cannon and barnacles in the shipwreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

People have been searching for 300 years for Blackbeard’s treasure and there no end to the theories as to where it might be stashed.

Tree in Palmico County, N.C., where Blackbeard was rumored to have buried some of his treasure. Via/ Flickr