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7 Everyday Items That Kids These Days Will Have Only Seen in Movies

Table Lighters

Seems like most households had one of these when we were growing up. It would have a stately presence on the coffee table or mantle when company came over, sitting next to a large ashtray of course.

vintage glass table lighter

Via/ Flickr

Cast Iron Stoves

For many reasons, including fire risk and air pollution, cast iron stoves have been phased out in most homes.

cast iron stove

Via/ Flickr

Bridge Lamps

These beautifully intricate lamps are collector’s items today, but few survive in good original condition since the silk and tassels were quite delicate. While these were pretty fancy and not in every home we do remember seeing these when we were kids.

gtow ladies in a drawing room with a bridge lamp behind them

Via/ Flickr

Skeleton Keys in Use

Keyhole locks were a lot more common when we were growing up and we all knew what a skeleton key was for. Kids these days have had no reason whatsoever to use them in their lifetimes. But, of course, old-fashioned keyholes make great plot points and props in old movies!

brass skeleton key

Via/ Flickr

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