7 Advantages Your Great Grandparents Had in Hard Times

These skills are becoming less and less common.

We have a lot of advantages today that our ancestors didn’t: hot water, electricity, central heating, and a wealth of information at our fingertips to name just a few. But, when the times get tough, generations past actually had a quite a few advantages that we just don’t have these days. Strange as it may sound, their way of life kept them ready for hard times in ways that are beyond the modern experience.

Via/ Library of Congress

7) Living with Extended Family

Living with multiple generations or branches of the family together in one house meant there was always a babysitter or someone to help out.

This meant more mouths to feed, but it was a huge advantage in childcare, chores, and other tasks which simply required a lot of personal attention. These family members were a real resource of not only labor, but emotional support in ways that many of us today cannot imagine. Plus, money was saved by living together in one spot.

Grandmother of 22 children photographed during the Great Depression. Via/ Library of Congress

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