5 Signs Your Parents Lived Through The Depression

Those who grew up during The Great Depression are often referred to as The Greatest Generation, and for good reason.

From: Russell Lee / Yale Photogrammar

4. Being a Good Neighbor Meant So Much More

Today we might consider a good neighbor someone who doesn’t make a lot of noise, keeps a clean residence, and perhaps offers a friendly “hello,” every now and then. Back during the Depression, neighbors depended on each other for survival. People would trade clothes with their neighbors, share basic necessities such as food and water, and provide services for free (such as cutting their hair or sewing their clothes). They would also often celebrate together, which really signified the closeness of their relationships.

From: Russell Lee / Yale Photogrammar

5. Waste Not, Want Not

This is a personal example my grandpa shared with me. As a child when the soles of his shoes would wear out, he’d put cardboard in them and keep wearing them. Shoes were expensive and he was lucky if he could get a new pair once a year. Nothing could be wasted, and you had to get the most out of everything you could.

From: Russell Lee / Yale Photogrammar

Did your parents or grandparents grow up during The Depression? If so, did they tell you any stories? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!