5 Classic Summer Movies That Everyone Should See At Least Once

Of course, some films stand the test of time. These films have that air of youth and optimism we miss in a lot of movies these days. The hot afternoons and running around at night, the glamorous evening events, and those dresses! Here are some of the trailers for five of our favorite classic summer time movies.

4) Sunset Boulevard

Via/ YouTube

This 1950 story of fame lost in Hollywood had been a perennial go-to film for decades. The often-copied scenes and sheer glamor make it a cultural icon. This cynical look at the life of an actress was turned down by many of film stars of early cinema, including Mae West and Mary Pickford. With the lead role of Norma Desmond so “unflattering,” it’s no wonder that it was hard to cast for. We think Gloria Swanson plays the part with great spirit!

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